Little People, Family & Magic

I recently was invited to take photos of a family I have watched grow over the past few years.  They are close to my heart.  And full of personality.

My challenge here was not to capture a two year old little boy smiling and looking at the camera.  But to see how little boys can be.  In a moment they move, they say no and have opinions.  It’s what we love that about them.

I also found his beautiful and smart five year old sister – who is no stranger to the camera – allowed me catch her off guard in the moment.  And in her beauty.

You know it when you hear the click of the shutter.

I got it.

I call this the Magic.

I think we were able to blend my artistic view with family group photos that would please the client also.  Framing memories for them to look back on years from now.

Please enjoy this sample of our session.



NOYES_072118_0881 edit2







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