An amazing family of little souls I have watched grow from their anticipated arrivals into animated and independent personalities.

When taking pictures of a family I think the most important thing to capture is their connection.  Whether it’s a look in their eyes, a gaze of Mom looking down to see if their little one is doing as she expects or the group all leaning into one another.  That touching is something so intimate among friends and acquaintances but in a family it’s something we can do without trepidation.  We lean, hold and touch.  And it’s beautiful when it comes through in a photo.

The floating in and out of a newly moving one year old combined the gentle stillness of her older brother enabled this session.

Photos that may be considered outtakes for not being perfect are sometimes perfect in their own.  These typically touch the heart the most.

It was my pleasure to frame these views and share with this family.












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