In Front of the Lens

It had to eventually happen. 

On a photo shoot with my girls this weekend I handed the camera over to my 16 year old.  The December light was amazing.  It felt like the right time. 

One is not always ready to have their picture snapped.  Hair, expression, did I dress right, do I look my best and my favorite – but these extra 10 pounds.  Most of my photos are unedited with a slight cropping or brightening up or darkening.   It’s the real deal. 

Deep.  Breath.  

This quick snap of the lens helped me sit in the anxiety that most feel when having their picture taken.  It’s good to step out of your own comfort zone and be the captured.  As I have said before – it is framing a view of a memory in time.  

I debated whether to share these.  But my social media needs an update.  And my birthday is approaching.  You are going to see them anyways. 

So.  I will inhale and exhale. 

And for one moment in time I am you.  

Be kind to yourself…

Photo Credits to Laken Tassinari (16)

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